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What men think about Extensions

Humane-Hair-Extensions-MiamiWe took to the streets and asked the guys what they really thought about hair extensions and women who wears them?

My question to them went like this. Hey my name is CoCo La Rue and i’m a hair extensions specialist and I want to get your thoughts on hair extensions and women who wear them.

Say you met a girl who looked like Janet Jackson.. I don’t mean “the actual Janet Jackson because most guys like her. But imagine a girl who has beautiful caramel brown skin with full lips and curves of a goddess, but she’s wearing hair extensions. Now these extensions are natural and un-noticeable, most people don’t even notice she’s wearing them. Would this be a problem for you? Would you asked this lady out or keep it moving? Is this a turn off for you?

Here’s what they had to say!

If the extensions look natural and it’s  because of a bad hair cut or if she has to wear them because of a hair problem I don’t mine. I don’t like wigs no matter who’s wearing, celebrity, everyday woman I don’t like them. If my girl friend had to wear something it would be extensions.

The only way I can deal with my wife wearing extensions if a hairstylist screwed it up and hair extensions was the only quick fix.  That’s a reason for the extensions other than beauty.

I don’t particularly care for them but it’s not a deal breaker unless it looks like she has a mop on her head. lol

For me I wouldn’t want to date a woman who wear wigs or extensions, I like my ladies natural, but I have lots of female relatives that wear them and a few are in the dating scene. None have ever mentioned their boyfriends not liking it or even caring.

As long as she’s fine I don’t have a problem with it.

Ok you guys join into the conversation and leave your comment below.



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