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Choosing the Best hair Extensions in DC

Choosing hair extensions can be very confusing when there are so many to choose from.  Before you go out and get hair extensions there are a few things you need to know before doing so.

Here are the different types of Hair Extensions

There are many types of hair extensions. There are synthetic hair and human hair extensions. If you want beautiful hair with the best hair extensions you will need human hair extensions. Human hair extensions have a long life usage. They can be dyed, colored, permed and styled just like your natural hair. They will not cause a skin breakout or irritation like the synthetic brands.

Synthetic hair extensions unlike human hair extensions cannot be heat styled or colored without causing damage, therefore making them quite limited in use.

There are several ways to apply extensions.

Clip in Hair Extensions – applied to the hair using small clips, applied and removed daily. Great for any special occasion or event. They are a good way to try extensions out to see if you will like them before going permanent.

Sew in Weave -  A weave is when a track or weft of hair is sewn onto a small braid. This process can also be done braid-less without a braid by sewing the track/weft onto a row of micro beads. Sew in weaves have been around for many years and one of the first hair extensions process to exist. This process is long lasting and perfect for someone who works out a lot or maybe want to give their hair a break from all of the chemicals. If applied correctly by a hair extension specialist there is absolutely no damage from this process. Sew in weaves can be worn by women with ALL textures of hair.

Micro Link Hair Extensions - also known as micro bead extensions or micro-tube extensions, these are applied by threading the beads or tubes onto your hair and inserting an extension through the bead and then flattening the bead or tube, holding the two together. This hair extension application is simple yet can add weight to the hair and the beads can be difficult to pry open later causing breakage to your own hair. Not recommended for thin, fine or fragile hair types.

Heat Shrink Tubing - Shrink Link- these are much like the application process is similar to the Micro Links and Fusion extensions except instead of flattening the tube, it is heated until it shrinks to half its original size, tightly gripping the extension and your hair together. These type of hair extensions are not recommended for fine, thin hair and are best used on thick, healthy and curly hair types.

Bonded Hair Extensions – bonding is when the hair extensions are glued onto your hair using latex or keratin glue and seal with a blow dryer. To remove them the stylist will use a bonding glue removal and conditional/oil.

Tape in Hair Extensions - these are wefts of hair which have a clear strip of adhesive tape across the top and are applied in a sandwich like pattern with a section of your natural hair in between. Easy and fast to apply, tape in hair extensions are great for all hair types especially thin or fine hair. Removal is simple with an adhesive removing spray and extensions can be reused by applying a new strip of tape. Tape extensions last up to in most cases 8 weeks.

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