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What you should know before about Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions Specialist

From the start you need to research and find a hair extensions specialist and not just a hair stylist. Please go to a stylist that specializes in hair extensions, someone who does it on a daily basis. Some stylists think that just because they hold a cosmetology license that they specialize in hair extensions, not true. A hair extensions specialist has been certified in at least 8 different hair extensions method but can do 10 hair extensions method. A hair extensions specialist will help to make sure that you have the right texture of extensions, color and length. When selecting your hair texture make sure you choose good quality hair, this is very important for your overall look and how long the hair will last.

Cleaning your extensions

Be sure to wash your hair once a week. Some of my clients seem to think washing their hair every two weeks is OK and it’s not. You have someone else hair on your head and you need to make sure that hair is washed at least once a week. If you’re wearing CoCo La Rue extensions you don’t have to worry about tangling from washing because it will not tangle and it will go back to its natural stage from when you first purchase it. Be sure to condition the hair!

Night Care

You should wrap your hair at night with a stocking cap and then place a silk cap over the stocking cap so it can look stylish. Even when you are taking a bath in the tub or applying your makeup, make sure your hair is wrap.


Be sure to go see your stylist every two weeks for maintenance. Never try to maintain them your extensions yourself, you are not a stylist so let a professional maintain your extensions.

Look below at some of our before and afters, hair extensions can give you instant beautiful hair:


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